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By special request, in this weeks lesson I show you how to embellish simple waltz melodies and it features a beautiful waltz written by fiddle genius Billy Contreras.  Waltzes are an important part of our fiddling heritage.  Fiddling is very closely tied to dancing since the music evolved in order to entertain people at community dances.  There always came that point in the evening when people wanted to take a breather and hold their loved one close, and that's when the fiddle would start playing the sweet 1--2--3 of a waltz.  The version I teach was played by 5-time national champion Tristan Clarridge at the National Fiddle Contest in 2009.  We focus on trills, grace notes, as well as plenty of double stop chords.  The ability to embellish basic waltz melodies and make them ones own is a sign of musicianship, and the process of developing your own waltz style will benefit your playing more dramatically than you would expect.  This lesson comes in 2 parts, so once you finish Part 1, just scroll down and watch Part 2.  Get ready to practice!  Enjoy.

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