Freeborn Man | Mark O’Connor’s Solo (All)

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Freeborn Man is a straight up barn burner instrumental, the type of tune that every picker loves to play to show off their stuff. I've transcribed [...]

Five Miles to Town

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Five Miles to Town is a great old timey tune in the key of D. It has some crooked timing, which makes for the best kind of [...]

M.I.S.I.P | Classic John Hartford | 16:00

By |December 21st, 2013|Categories: Appalachian Old-Time - Fiddle, Bluegrass - Fiddle, Country-Fiddle, Fiddle Lessons, Intermediate|

M.I.S.I.P is a John Hartford song and fiddle tune about the ole' Mississippi, or misip if you're from the south. The tune has a meandering melody [...]