Check out the latest streaming guitar lesson to come online at by watching the preview clip below. Huckleberry Hornpipe is has become relatively unknown lately, but I still think it's a great tune to play on the guitar, as well as fiddle or mandolin. It has three parts, is played out of G position and capoed up to the key of A. It's pretty tough and is filled with arpeggios that you're really going to have to practice to get clean. This first lesson teaches the basic melody, and a later lesson is going to teach some advanced variations.

I first heard this tune from a live recording of Byron Berline, Sam Bush, and Mark O'Connor way back in the 70's, and the guitar licks were played by Mark O'Connor (one of the great forgotten bluegrass guitar players!). As usual, this Gold Member lesson comes with a streaming video, sheet music, TAB, and an audio file.

I also enjoy listening to this old Dan Crary recording. Crary was one of Mark O'Connor's early guitar influences and even appeared on his album "Markology", alongside Tony Rice.

And even though this video has mandolins I just had to throw it in. Sam Bush, Adam Steffey, and a young (very young) Chris Thile!?! How could I resist? The three tear it up (as well as some unidentified mystery picker) and really show why this tune kicks butt.