Howdy Mandolin Players! You've come to the right place. In the list below, you can navigate quickly to any of the mandolin lessons on the site. Dig in and get pickin'!

Angeline the Baker | Mandolin10:00Beginner
Big Sciota | Mandolin15:00Beginner
Cuckoo’s Nest | Mandolin 21:31Intermediate
Forked Deer | Mandolin – A Lick #15:06Advanced
Forked Deer | Mandolin – A Lick #2 2:18Advanced
Forked Deer | Mandolin – A Lick #3 4:25AdvancedFREE LESSON
Forked Deer | Mandolin – D Lick #12:12Advanced
Forked Deer | Mandolin – Advanced47:16Advanced
Forked Deer | Mandolin – D Lick #22:06Advanced
Liberty | Mandolin17:43Beginner
Mandolin 101 | Basics12:32Beginner
Mandolin 101 | Transitioning from Lead to Rhythm5:23Beginner
Mandolin 101| Bluegrass Chopping3:22Beginner
New Camptown Races | Mandolin26:00Advanced
Salt Creek | Mandolin11:57IntermediateFREE LESSON
Shady Grove | Introduction and Mandolin Tune2:54Beginner
Shady Grove | Mandolin Basic Melody6:48Beginner
Shady Grove | Mandolin Intermediate Solo10:41Beginner
Shady Grove | Mandolin Rhythm11:13Beginner