I want full streaming access to the videos and sheet music--How do I get a Gold Membership?

An excellent question, and one heck of a good decision!  If you're looking to get more value for your dollar, this is far and away the best option, since a Gold Membership grants unlimited streaming access to all videos, sheet music and TAB.

To upgrade your account, simply click on Join Today in the top menu, then fill out the signup form and your done.  It's as easy as that!

Is there any way that I can try the lessons before I sign up?


Click on "Free Trial" on the homepage. All you need is an email to sign up, and you will instantly have access to several free video lessons for fiddle, guitar, and mandolin, as well as receive our newsletter. Try out the free trial, and I guarantee you'll get hooked and want to sign up for a Gold Membership.

So, now I'm a Gold Member.  Where can I view the content?

First of all, thanks for the subscription!  🙂

Now, on to business!  Once you're logged in, all you have to do is click on the "Fiddle" "Guitar" or "Mandolin" tabs at the top of the screen to view the entire library of sheet music and videos, all available for you to stream whenever you'd like!

Is it really Mike replying to a message through the "Contact" form?

Yep!  I personally receive every message, and I read them all.  Remember, though, that sometimes I do get a lot of emails in a day, and I do my best to respond to each one.  If you ever have any problems, don't hesitate to let me know--I will do whatever is necessary to make things right.

How often will new content be uploaded?

Every week!  New lessons will be either on the fiddle, guitar, or mandolin, so there's something for all kinds of players.  After all, my subscribers are paying a premium for access to streaming content, and I want them to get the best value for their dollar!

What kind of videos will be uploaded?

My videos will mainly consist of lessons for the fiddle, guitar and mandolin.  I teach everything from basic instrument setup, full tunes, to advanced improvisation.  I focus on teaching tunes and solos, which are often taken from the playing of master musicians like Mark O'Connor, Stuart Duncan, Stephanne Grappelli, Tony Rice, Chris Thile, and many more.  I always want to give the students exactly what they want, so if you ever have a lesson idea, feel free to let me know and I will incorporate it into the lessons!

Are there tabs that go along with the videos?

Definitely.  Whenever possible, I provide tabs or sheet music with every video lesson.  Lessons can be downloaded when they're purchased individually in the store, but it's worth saying that this is one of the reasons a Gold Membership is a great investment.  Instead of purchasing and downloading new lessons separately each and every time one comes out, you can simply stream them all as soon as they're released at no additional cost!

What are tabs?

"Tab" is a shortening of the word "tablature"--A type of musical notation that lets people with no formal music theory training read the "notes" on a page of music for fretted stringed instruments.  This is a great way to communicate information between a student and teacher.  All of the tabs I release will come in .PDF format.