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This lesson is the advanced follow-up to the Cripple Creek lesson I post a while back. I've transcribed a solo from Benny Thomasson's playing on "Weiser Reunion", a live recording of him jamming with his son Jerry Thomasson. My brother and I listen to this album every year as we drive into Weiser, Idaho to compete in the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest. Benny is the first true Texas style fiddler I ever listened to and for me his playing continues to be the most iconic representation of the style. The arrangement I teach in this lesson is made up of selections from his performance. In this lesson you also get backup track videos and audio-only tracks for those of you who want to put it on your iPod or use the Amazing Slow Downer.

Be sure to re-watch the original Cripple Creek melody lesson so that you have the melody notes fresh in your mind. Once you have the basic melody down you can really start appreciating the Texas style note and bowing variations.