Angeline the Baker is an oft played tune, and one I have taught before for the fiddle at The first lesson I ever posted was Angeline the Baker for fiddle (ahhh, the memories) and now I'm revisiting it for the mandolin. Mandolin creates some unique phrasing opportunities, so you can do things on the mandolin you can't do on the fiddle! I've posted several neat little clips of great players pickin on this tune.

Rob Ickes and Andy Leftwich

Rob Ickes is the greatest bluegrass dobro player not named Jerry Douglas, and Andy Leftwich is one of the great new young pickers. He's actually a fiddle player first, but his mandolin playing is top notch as well.

Chris Thile, Mike Marshall, and Rob McCoury at DelFest

Three mando greats jamming on Angeline the Baker? What could be better!?

Crooked Still

No mandolin here, but Crooked Still is one of my favorite old-timey groups. Brittany Haas is a dynamite fiddle player and she tears it up here.


And of course here is a preview clip of the version I teach in this lesson.