Big Sciota is a great jam tune in the key of G. It has 2 sections, is of moderate difficulty, and provides some great opportunities for our mandolin-specific string crossing techniques. Enjoy!

Sierra Hull and Adam Steffey

We're starting off with a great jam/performance by two great pickers.

Chris Thile and Noam Pikelny

I had to post a clip of the mando master with his fellow punch brother. The lighting is pretty dark so it's hard to see them play, but you can hear the magic happening.

Chris Thile and Michael Davies

Another Chris Thile performance - this time with Michael Davies (gotta love a guy with a name like Michael!).

David Grier

Here's a guitar workshop featuring David Grier with a bunch of killer guitar pickin buddies. the cameraman did a great job zooming in on the left hand work so you can really see what's going on


And of course here is a preview clip of the version I teach in this lesson