Hey everyone! I composed this solo to be played on guitar over John Hartford's song "Steam Powered Aereoplane" and the sheet music/TAB is now available in the "Sheet Music" area ($5 for subscribers, or $3 for Gold Members). The solo is quite advanced and includes some Tony Rice-like licks and rhythms. Watch the YouTube video of Hartford and friends to hear the song, and listen to the audio clip of me playing the solo so you know exactly what you'll be learning. This is a beautiful and wistful song (classic Hartford), and the nice chord progression offered a pretty good opportunity for a creative and twisty solo. Eventually I hope to do a Gold Member video lesson on it, but for now it's only available as sheet music for purchase. Enjoy!

Hartford Performing "Steam Powered Aereoplane" with super-picker group

Hartford Performing "Steam Powered Aereoplane" in 2000

The original Hartford "Steam Powered Aereoplane" recording

Newgrass Revival's "Steam Powered Aereoplane" recording

Audio Clip of the Solo


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